Wearable Gesture Control and Rehabilitation Solution
CoolSo develops a new Human Computer Interface with own patented technology.
Reliable and Versatile
With a unique technology different from any other competitors in the market, we are able to measure individual muscle activity to recognize gesture and strength level. Our technology functions perfectly both indoor and outdoor under any weather. It is unhindered by sunlight, sweat or clothing. The sensor can be deployed on different body location as needed.
Gesture Control
When used in gesture control, our device is worn on wrist and capable of recognizing both individual finger movement and strength for gesture recognition.
In medical application, patients with disabilities or impaired mobility benefit from our technology which provides detail measurement and feedback on rehabilitation progress to greatly improve training efficiency.
Product and Solution
We offer our product either in the form of module solution for customer integration or as a complete stand alone wrist strap device. We welcome any opportunity for business cooperation discussion.
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